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Stories: We All Have Them.

Posted on May 20, 2019 at 1:05 PM

Stories from Within is a collaboration of 3 women, therapists, joining forces to openly discuss and share areas which affect our lives and the lives of others. The topics are chosen based on what is of interest to us in the moment, things we ourselves are processing and are wondering about or more often themes which surface in session with clients. Our intent was to offer these conversations to support the journey of others, recognizing that what we all have in common are stories buried within ourselves, surfacing every now and then as life challenges, which long to be told.

What started as an exercise to help others navigate the ups and downs of life has turned into an activity which I crave and look forward to long before it’s time to meet up again. While the intent was never to disclose our own most inner thoughts and experiences for all to hear as that is reserved for more sacred encounters, there are moments in our raw, risky and real approach where it is appropriate to share a personal story or an insight. The beautiful and exciting anticipation of creating the next podcast got me wondering what it is that I look forward to since it has never been in my nature to openly share my deepest thoughts. Could it be that I look forward to spending time with these 2 smart, insightful, fun-loving women? Absolutely, we have so much fun together and I enjoy the synergy. Is it that for a few hours, I disconnect from the world and focus on something I am passionate about? Definitely, being completely present in the conversation has been a form of releasing, through the flow of the moment, the stressors I carry. While these are valid and true I’ve come to realize that something much deeper draws to the creation of Stories from Within.

I have always been fascinated by the link between mind and body and the impact our thoughts and emotions have on the body. As I was thinking about Gabor Maté’s book 'When the Body Says No' it occurred to me that every disease event he describes is preceded by a story of pain, confusion, shame, lack of boundaries, loneliness, repressed emotions and more. As he explores the link between mind and body he realizes that in most cases he had been treating people’s physical ailments for years without ever knowing or understanding their emotional world - their story. These were untold, repressed and very painful stories. In fact, some people had never told their story to anyone until they started asking questions. What does this have to do with Stories from Within?

It’s the story I crave to share! That’s the draw! It’s the deep-seated desire to lean into my story or elements of it whether recording it, recounting it, relating it to our listeners and gaining insights from it (as well as recognizing my ability to bring awareness to the story) that I am able to release it. 

As Maya Angelou wrote, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

There may be parts of our stories we don’t like, events which are difficult or painful to talk about, or maybe we would rather pretend those parts of your story didn’t exist. Your story as unique as you are, longs to be told and holds keys to unlocking your personal freedom. Science is confirming that your story will be told whether intentionally by you or by your body through disease. I invite you to reflect on your story, to draw links between your story and what you are experiencing today and share it with trusted family, friends or a therapist. That 1st step in unravelling the web of your life is key to finding solutions and walking a path of authenticity.

Imagine what life could be like if you shared your story from within...

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