Suzanne Rochon BSW, RSW

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Please call 705-477-3405 to schedule an appointment. Leave a confidential message with your telephone number and I will return your call as promptly as possible or send an email to: I typically return calls & respond to emails after 6 p.m.
I am in the office on Thursday evenings from 5:15 to 9:15 (the last session is scheduled at 8:15 p.m.) and some Saturday mornings. If these times don't suit your schedule, please ask for an alternate time and flexibility will be exercised when possible.
For a 50 minute session my rate is $120.00. Payment is required at the end of the session. I accept cash, cheque or e-transfer ( ). You can submit receipts to any health benefit insurance that covers BSW Social Workers. If your insurance does not cover, please speak with your employer about including social work coverage in your plan.
While video sessions are not currently offered, please note that I working on making them available in the near future and will update the website at that time. Please recognize there are limitations in providing virtual sessions and these will be discussed at time of request.
All information related to your sessions are confidential and will not be released to anyone without your informed, voluntary and written consent with exceptions that are identified in the Confidentiality/Consent form which you will be asked to sign prior to starting sessions
While  many people address life challenges without counselling, engaging in psychotherapy provides an opportunity to gain insights about yourself and your problems. Awareness of how you interpret your circumstances, your environment and your world is key to making changes.
Psychotherapy is a vehicle for change.