Suzanne Rochon BSW, RSW

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Stories from Within- the Beginning
This is the first podcast we recorded in our series. Enjoy!

Thinking about Self-Care
We explore what exactly does self-care mean?

People Pleasing

We explore the motivation and patterns behind people pleasing tendencies.

The Four Agreements
We discuss the Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz. We discuss what they mean to us and how they apply to the practice of self-love and self-growth.
In this episode we explore what self-worth and self-love are and steps you can take to increase your own self-worth and self-love.
Reflections From Within
After completing 10 podcasts, we decided to take the time to reflect on what has become a real journey for us. We set out to create some podcasts to be used as resources for clients and non-clients. Themes that we identify within our practices but also, within ourselves. We did not realize how much this would impact us individually and as collaborators. We hope you enjoy our reflections from within.
The Gift in Feeling Overwhelmed
In our latest episode, WeR3 dive into how feeling overwhelmed can gift us by pointing out where we can make changes that allow us to show up as our best selves in all areas of our lives.
Risky: Healing Through Creativity
Creativity is a way of reconnecting with the truth of ourselves. The courage to be vulnerable is the doorway to expressing the language of our soul which is creativity. In this podcast we explore creativity in the context of our RAW, RISKY and REAL therapeutic framework.
Exploring Broken Focus
In this episode, WeR3 discuss the human tendency to use distractions to numb from a (sometimes nameless) restlessness deep inside. While this can provide short-term relief- this tendency has significant implications for our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. In essence- it impacts our overall wellness!
Thinking about Vulnerability
In our second podcast, we debrief our experiences with vulnerability, starting with how we felt after recording our first podcast and putting ourselves out there!
Radical Acceptance
We discuss what radical acceptance is, and why it is so important for emotional well-being.
We unpack what it means to set healthy boundaries, and how to make them stick.

The Inner Critic

How do you stand up to your inner critic? The three of us examine how big and powerful the inner critic is - the impact it can have on mood, self-worth and resilience.

On Grief
In this episode, Carmen, Suzanne and Natalie discuss grief- it its various forms. Enjoy!!

Raw, Risky and Real- The Trailer
We are excited to share with our listeners a therapeutic framework that we have created to help move clients from Wounds to Wellness!

Healing Begins with RAW
In this episode, we dive deeper into our therapeutic framework's first step: RAW. We look forward to any and all feedback!!

Being Real
How do we show up authentic and real in our lives? In this episode, WeR3 explore what it means to be REAL from the perspective of our framework RAW, RISKY & REAL.