Suzanne Rochon BSW, RSW

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The reason we often seek therapy and counselling is to deal with and understand external issues such as stress, life choices, health issues like chronic pain, grief, trauma, difficult relationships, transitions, painful decisions, depression, anxiety, general dissatisfaction and more. Your reason for seeking psychotherapy is unique to you, and my approach will be tailored to meet your needs and goals. I will focus on you and the innate wisdom you possess to create your path forward.

Using evidence based practices such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing or Psycho-Education we will explore limiting beliefs and question those stressful thoughts to shed layers which no longer serve you. You yourself contain the truth and the way. Once you realize this, your world opens up to all the possibilities.

The greatest and most important venture of our lives is becoming aware of who we are. Some say that this journey from your head to your heart is the longest and most impactful step you will ever take. This may involve understanding the source of your pain, discomfort and addressing the root cause of the problem you are experiencing.

My role will be to help you make sense of what is, to IMAGINE what could be and together create your path forward.

Services Offered

Suzanne is uniquely equipped to help you with...

Finding Purpose and Meaning

Having a sense of meaning and purpose makes us more resilient and better able to navigate setbacks. It provides a foundation for creative solutions by reducing stress and anxiety. We will explore practical ways of finding purpose and meaning in and at work, after a loss or a life transition. Together, let’s IMAGINE  your purpose.

Spiritual Growth

Using a holistic approach, we will explore your perception of the situation to facilitate more realistic expectations of your reality.  Accepting the reality of our pain and confusion opens the door for conscious solutions and decisions. Together, let’s IMAGINE becoming conscious of the choices you have, and choosing a path to personal freedom, joy, peace and happiness.

Self Acceptance

As women we often find ourselves anxious, feeling trapped, over thinking and believing we are not enough. This negative internal story we tell ourselves can be relentless. Questioning our thoughts and exploring how we interpret the world allows us to uncover and discover parts of ourselves that we want to celebrate and parts of ourselves that no longer serve us and which we want to change.
Together, let’s IMAGINE walking a path where rather than striving for perfection, you discover how to LOVE yourself as you are.

Caring for Self

Healthy boundaries help you maintain your well-being no matter what life throws at you. Boundaries are guidelines you create for yourself which enable self-care and healthy habits. Most people don’t recognize how important boundaries are in managing stress. If you can answer YES to the following, you may benefit from creating boundaries which promote well-being:

  1. .You feel overwhelmed.
  2. You get sick frequently.
  3. You say yes to  many things and feel exhausted trying to manage everything.
  4. You are asked to do more than you want to do, and you’re having trouble saying no.
  5. You experience feelings of guilt when you do say no.
Together, let’s IMAGINE what self care looks like for you. You are worth it!

Life Transitions

Life transitions and changes are inevitable and can be the leading cause of stress in our lives. Change is inevitable and the only constant we can count on. I am here to support you through your choice points, transitions and decisions. We will work together to bring awareness to your situation and to create space for solutions. We will work together in finding the best next step in your emotional, psychological and spiritual challenges.
Together let’s IMAGINE Life Solutions.

Anxiety, Fear and Stress

Everyone experiences anxiety, fear and stress at some point in their lives and while they each serve an important purpose, for some it can become limiting or debilitating. Together, we will acknowledge the feelings, seek to discover the cause, understand the effects and create a path where your thoughts and feelings are working for you rather than against you.  We will explore techniques to lead a healthier and joyful life. Let’s IMAGINE a life where you are managing your anxiety, fear and stress.

Living with Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is multi-faceted often requiring multiple approaches for maximum effectiveness. The ability to lean into the loss associated with an injury or chronic pain is important to cultivating hope in your new reality. Together, we will explore techniques to shift from a pain-focused mindset to harnessing your thoughts, beliefs and expectations for improved quality of life.
Let’s IMAGINE what life could be like embracing your reality.